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Cataract Surgeries

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Vision Centres

The community ophthalmology department has set up to asses and decrease the cause and magnitude of blindness and visual impairments, and to determine proper strategies to eradicate needless blindness among the rural population. Thus we work towards bringing the momentum vision 2020 - the right to sight to be accomplished in the rural communities.

We commit ourselves to the society. Over the past 4 years, we have screened several thousand of patients and done Cataract + IOL surgery at an affordable cost. The departmental outreach initiative made available required care from primary to tertiary, referral linking & timely references, community screening & identification and total prevention through surgeries, without compromising on quality.

The department ensures treatment for Routine eye testing, evaluation of refractive errors and Contact lens evaluation. The department is fully functional and affordable to the rural poor people. Diagnostic Laboratory caters to the need of the patients and diagnosis various infectious diseases of viral, bacterial, fungal, parasitic or tubercular nature. Fully automated diagnostic systems are used to expedite reporting. For further development, the department plans for corrective surgery for birth defects, reconstructive eye surgeries and surgery of retinal detachment.

The department has received reward for conducting send more number of cataract surgeries in Eastern Uttar Pradesh region in a year.

Services offered

  • Small incision cataract surgery with intra ocular lens implantation
  • Manual phaco stitch less cataract surgery
  • Management of ocular trauma
  • Advanced biomicroscopic examination of the external and internal eye (retina)
  • Gonioscopic examination
  • Contact lens (cosmetic and therapeutic) fitting
  • Lacrimal Surgery
  • Glaucoma Surgery
  • Squint Surgery
  • Diagnostics and treatment of lid/corneal diseases

Doctor's List Department of Ophthalmology

Doctor's NameOPD DayOPD Time
Dr. Anjum Jain
M.B.B.S, M.S, HOD - Department of Ophthalmology and Senior Consultant Ophthalmologist-
Monday to Saturday11:00 AM To 02:00 PM
Dr. Shaurya Verma
MBBS, MS, Consultant OphthalmologistOphthalmologist
Monday to Sat09:00AM - 002:00 PM
Dr.Neelima Rungta Jain
MBBS MS, Consultant Ophthalmology.