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Talk on Blood Pressure or Hypertension (रक्तचाप) explained by Dr. Kirti Gaurav-Physician in Hindi

Dr. Kiriti Gaurav Raizada is a Consultant General Physician at Fatima Hospital Gorakhpur. In this video, he explains what is hypertension or blood pressure and its treatment.

Otomycosis (कानों में फंगल इन्फेक्शन) and its treatment explained by Dr. Vinti Jain, ENT Surgeon.

Dr. Vinti Jain is a Consultant ENT Surgeon at Fatima Hospital Gorakhpur. Her OPD timing is from Mon to Friday from 10 am to 1 pm. In this video, she explains about Otomycosis (कानों में फंगल इन्फेक्शन).

Talk on Common Monsoon Diseases in Children and its prevention by Dr Naveen Pandey Fatima Hospital

Dr. Naveen Pandey MBBS, MD (Pediatrics) is the Consultant Pediatrician at Fatima Hospital Gorakhpur. In this video, he talks about the common diseases found in children during monsoon and its prevention.

A talk on "Stress Management" by Dr. Dharmendra Kumar Kamla Psychiatrist, Fatima Hospital in Hindi

Dr. Dharmendra Kumal Kamla, MBBS, DPA is a consultant Psychiatrist at Fatima Hospital Gorakhpur and he is an expert in counseling and treatment of psychiatry-related diseases.

Talk by Dr Priyanka Sinha MS (Gyane) on Cervical Cancer and its screening|Fatima Hospital Gorakhpur

Dr. Priyanka Sinha MBBS MS (OB & Gyane) is a Consultant Gynecologist at Fatima Hospital Gorakhpur. In this video, she explains the topic of Cervical Cancer and the importance of its screening. Please like, share, and subscribe to our channel for medical education and awareness videos.